A splash of color

A splash of color


Let’s talk about color.  I remember the first time I saw a color other than white on a wedding dress I was at the Salt Lake Temple.  It was a bride from a different wedding than the one I was there for.  She came out of the Temple with a red line down the back of the dress.  I couldn’t stop staring.  I thought it was so unique, so personalized, so just her and I didn’t even know this girl.  This was maybe 20 years ago.  I then started to see it quite a bit at different weddings I was attending.  It started to slow down as a trend but now it seems to have gone full circle and I am seeing it again frequently at weddings.  I also love all the different colors that brides are picking for their bridesmaids dresses.  Seriously love it when the colors of their dresses are matching the colors of whatever season is going on during the wedding.

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