Wedding Proposal in Public

Wedding Proposal in Public


OK, we have all seen it a few times at the Temple.  At any given Temple on a Friday or Saturday evening you might find a young couple strolling around the Temple grounds hand in hand.  Suddenly the young man takes a knee and out pops a ring.  I have even seen family and friends hiding in the bushes or around a corner waiting for the big moment.  What if she says “no?”  Of course if she says “yes” all is well.  Friends and family come rushing out to find out the answer to the big question.  While this might be a little public what about the proposals done on television like during the Olympics?
Screen-Shot-2016-08-17-at-21.32.08-1024x608I read an article online that discussed how those who are proposed to publicly are left with no choice but to say yes. Imagine you are on international television and you say “no.”

SINGLE at Temple


The problem with this type of proposing is that the bar is being set very high. It might be said that if the person being proposed to doesn’t feel that the proposal is elaborate enough that she might feel underwhelmed.


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